"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news..." Romans 10:15

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor and Rest

Today was a day to rest from our labors...not that I labor physically like those the holiday was created for...but none the less a day of rest. We know that physical rest is important, our bodies need it in order to survive but also to thrive. How many days of poor sleep does it take before we begin to struggle? It only takes a few and we begin to see things in a negative light. The tasks before us seem harder and our ability to cope is compromised. We also know that spiritual rest is important. We need to rest in a power greater than our own or we will not survive. We don't often take the time to think about spiritual rest let alone practice it. Spiritual rest goes beyond physical rest...although it does give our bodies and minds a rest...to the very core of who we are. Spiritual rest is the act of taking off the old...our flesh...and putting on the new...Jesus Christ. He is our spiritual rest. We have no spiritual rest without Him. We rest in Him when we give him the burdens of our hearts, minds and life. We rest in Him as we acknowledge our dependence on Him and trust Him instead of ourselves. We rest in Him when we give Him our agenda's to replace with His own. How long can we go without this spiritual rest...before our ability to live is compromised? With our physical rest it takes only a few days...but our spiritual tank is harder to see and harder to evaluate. The truth is... Jesus did not design us to go even a moment without Him...His spiritual rest. We need Him moment by moment to refresh us with Himself. I know many who have gone their whole christian life without this rest...I know others who have tasted of this rest again and again but for some reason a circumstance (new or old) has them putting on the old and shrugging off Jesus Christ, trusting their own limited resources instead of His limitless supply. Did you labor today or rest? Was your old self in control or did you submit to Jesus? He is not a taskmaster keeping us performing and working for Him...He is a loving all powerful savior who promises to give us rest as we come to Him. Seek Him today for His rest...don't waste another moment!