"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news..." Romans 10:15

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This picture shows what I expect to see when I see a dog and bike. This past Sunday I saw something different. I don't have a picture...so you will have to imagine it with me.
I was on my way to share about Cambodia at a friends church. I was thinking and praying about what stories in my head and on my heart the Lord would want me to share with this sweet group of believers.
I was driving on a pretty busy street, but was the only car on my side. I saw up ahead a bike and a dog thinking about crossing the street. The rider was focused on the traffic, but the dog was focused on its master. The dog was prancing in place waiting for the signal to go.
The did move halfway across the street in front of me...the dog never really taking his eyes off of his master...his whole body expressing excitement to be on this journey ...not moving ahead but staying right by the side of the master.
Several things struck me all at once...
The dogs excitement
The dogs complete focus on its master
The fact that the dog didn't run ahead or pull with all its might
There were no obvious commands from the master, but the dog knew when to stay and when to go
Instantly I was encouraged that I need to be like that sweet little dog...excited to be on a journey with my Master. Prancing in place waiting for the signal to go, but staying right by His side. And above all else keeping my focus on my Master, Jesus.
What I expected to see is what I so often see in my own life...impatience, straining to move faster, trying to set our course...following my own instincts.
Oh how I want to be like this dog...thank you Lord for this gentle reminder to stay focused on you...you will navigate me safely across the busy 'streets' of life. May I never lose the excitement and knowledge of what a privilege it is to be right by Your side.
Several of the people at church really appreciated this 'picture' as well : )