"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news..." Romans 10:15

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Visual Feast

Beautiful walkway in Kep...a seaside paradise

The friendliest cat...just wanted some love and to sleep on my purse

Best welcome ever to the Minefield by this beautiful lady with hugs and kisses ; )

my favorite flower

isn't he cute...he has a spunky attitude to go with that smile

school in the Minefield

Ladies who provide fresh crab for the tasty crab shacks in Kep
You are thankful you can't smell this fruit...Durian is not my favorite.

One of the stalls in the market...all kinds of dried shrimp and other 'tasty' treats

finally I have a picture of a Tuk Tuk...this little carriage could make you feel like royalty

GUAVA...my favorite of all time!!!

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  1. Always a treat to see the places the Lord has created. Thank you for sharing! - Love, Joanna