"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news..." Romans 10:15

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is Bopha...my new ministry helper.  

We have been talking and praying about working together for a couple of months.  I met her through my tutor, another one of the Lord's provisions.  Here is a bit of the story....

After language learning on Phnom Penh the plan was for me to move to Sisaphon.  Around Christmas time this year I began to wonder and sense that the Lord might be having me move to another city, Battambang.  After some discussions with my boss Paul and Sareth and much prayer it was decided Battambang would be a better location for me to live.

I shared with my tutor, Ming Suein that I was going to be moving to Battambang and she started praying. ; ) Her daughter in law's sister is Bopha.  Ming knew that Bopha has been praying and hoping for an opportunity to move back to Battambang to live with her mother.  After 10 years of living away from her home, Bopha was convinced that she needed to come home, but she needed a job in Battambang.

Ming prayed for a couple of weeks before she mentioned what the Lord was putting together in her mind...and then she talked to the both of us.  Bopha needed a job in Battambang and I needed a ministry helper!   Thank you to those of you who prayed with me as I waited for the Lord's confirmation of this partnership.  I am looking forward to working with Bopha and learning from her as we minister to the military wives.

Bopha has been a believer for many years.  Her whole family came to Christ after one of her sisters learned about Jesus, and shared with the family.  Bopha is a single woman about my age and I think we have much in common.  Cambodians seem to hold their emotions close, but I think she is excited to work with me.  I do  know that she is glad to be part of teaching women about Jesus.  She has been leading a devotional time with the women at her current job.  I also know that I am blessed to have her working with me.  I need her to help me with many things...translating my teaching, continued language learning and cultural interpretation.  

I love how the Lord brought her to me...I hadn't begun to look for a ministry helper, just praying and Bopha was praying too.  Amazing!  We start ministry together July 2nd! : )

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