"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news..." Romans 10:15

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thailand and Cambodia

I had the amazing privilege of witnessing a miracle. This little girl was transformed in less than 24 hours. Houng lives in Cambodia, in a cleared minefield...a literal minefield. This minefield is a hazardous remnant of the Khmer Rouge's brutal rule of Cambodia. When Houng was 6 she barely survived an explosion...she found a unexploded bomb that exploded in her hand. More recently she was burned on her legs...no medical treatment for 10 days...and the medical treatment that came pales in comparison to what she would have received in the states. I got to visit Houng in her little hut about 3 weeks after she was burned. The poor thing was in much pain and couldn't walk..her legs were healing but the scar tissue was not allowing her to fully extend her legs. We couldn't coax a smile out of her. So my friend prayed...we felt hopeless. The next day on our visit...her dad exclaimed..."After you prayed, she walked". The Lord healed this little girl...the end of the visit resulted in the beautiful smile you see above. As of last week...6 weeks after her burn...she was jumping and playing. We have an Amazing God.


  1. I just read this amazing story... of our amazing Lord at work! It gave me goosebumps! I never get tired of hearing about His love in action!!! Special souls all over the world need to be touched. Touched with compassion, action and Christ. Thanks for making a difference Deedra! I'm excited for your call to serve these precious souls of Cambodia. In His Grace, Julee

  2. Hello Julee...I too am excited about being able to serve and share Christ in Cambodia...so fun to hear from you : )