"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news..." Romans 10:15

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Every once and a while a place and it's people grab your attention. Few and far between are the times when a place and it's people grabs your heart.
This past February a small group of women in a little village in Cambodia did just that, they grabbed my heart. I didn't offer it...didn't withhold it either. But with a few simple words spoken through a translator a big part of my heart was lost.
I had asked the women if they would share some prayer requests with me. What were some of their needs. Along with their need for more food for their families, they also asked me to come again and teach them from the Word. Not just to come from time to time, but to "come" to teach them.
They got a part of my heart that day...they don't know it...but they have it regardless.
What is the Lord doing in your life? Where is He asking you to give your heart? What is the next step after your heart is pulled?
David Livingstone said..."Sympathy is not substitute for action."
God is active in our world, is He calling you to expand your action?

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